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Erica pressed her lips to the side as her eyebrows furrowed. “Even if you snap I’ll be able to subdue you, Liam. You worry too much. What you probably haven’t done as a wolf yet is just let go. Let your emotions take over.” She smiled when she heard him denying that he was attractive. If he wasn’t going to lose his temper then maybe she could heighten his emotions in another way.

She let her lips curl up into her usual smirk as she walked over to him slowly. “Oh believe me, Liam. I know hot. You are delicious." Her tongue flicked out to lick along her cherry red lips as she kept making her way over to him. If she could get him to let go to his passion, she could teach him control that way as well.


      His brows cocked at her words, “I don’t want to let them take over, seeing as my what if I totally lose it? I’ve never really let it take over totally after the bite, so I don’t know what will happen, of course I’m going to worry, the outcome will be bad and I know it.” He muttered looking away, sucking on his lower lip.

Eyes flicked over her, “…..you too?” Well it was the truth, he did find her hot. But god, he was only fifteen seeing as he shouldn’t be thinking about these types of things, yet..again he was a teenage boy, so maybe it was totally normal.

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Erica just laughed when he said she wasn’t annoying. He hadn’t spent much time with her yet so he didn’t really know what she was really like. She wasn’t exactly sure which persona to use with Liam. Seductress would be easy, if Kira could get his attention then Erica could do it without lifting a finger. She was thinking that maybe she should go more for the caring, sweet girl, with just a hint of sass. It was the closest to who she really was. “You’re not going to hurt me, Liam. I’m stronger than you are, even with the anger issues.”

Now that Erica had a control on her powers and she was almost as strong as Scott. Damn true alpha powers. “I would call you Bombshell just because of you anger thing and the fact that you’re really hot. Use it as a pun. But I feel like that would be a bit in bad taste. So how am I going to annoy you…” She picked up a shoe that was lying on the floor and threw it at him with no warning.


Liam looked to the side and nodded, “can’t you say things like that, what if I do hurt you? I really don’t want to hurt you…Erica, I’m sorry. I know you might be stronger, but I still could snap couldn’t I?” Liam’s eyes dropped yeah, he knew he was going to lose it, Liam found himself sucking on her lower lip.

Liam felt his cheeks heat up at her comment, “I’m wh—..no, I’m really not, Erica.” Liam, Jumped at the shoe, his nails pressed into his hand, really it scared him more than making him angry, god he was so jumpy.

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"Oh touchy.." Erica couldn’t help being amused by Liam. There was just something about him that always made Erica smile. Plus it was nice to have at least one person around that wasn’t coupled up. Couples were insufferable. She had figured out why Scott had probably chosen her to help Liam with control. Out of everyone in the pack, control had probably been the hardest for her. Being a female wolf meant so much more aggression, and Liam’s anger issues were kinda the same deal.

"So I don’t really know how to teach you control apart from pissing you off and seeing what happens. Luckily I am very good at being annoying, ask anyone." She got up off the couch and finally made eye contact with him. "You ready to start your training. And if you don’t want me to call you that, I won’t. But I still need a good nickname for you. I would call you puppy eyes but Scott’s already got that down pact."


That was the thing he didn’t even know how to control his I.E.D, how could be control himself as a werewolf? He knew this was hopeless, why Scott thought it was a good idea he had no idea. Control wasn’t his thing and he knew it never would be sadly, as much as he wanted to one day have full control he knows it will never happen. His eyes shut before nodding, “are you sure that is a good idea? Pissing me off….you aren’t annoying Erica,” Liam wasn’t lying he was unsure of how that idea came to her.

Again with the damn nicknames, okay maybe that was pissing him off a little. He couldn’t get upset over something so small could he? God, he hated this. All he wanted was control and there he was getting worked up over a stupid nickname. “Erica, just call me Liam, I mean it’s my name after all… I don’t want to get worked up already over something like this and I really don’t want to hurt you…”


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For some reason, the pack had decided that Scott’s new beta was her responsibility. Something about her being the second youngest wolf in the pack. At least she wasn’t the youngest anymore though. She was sitting in the middle of the loft when she heard Liam come in. Her gaze moved from her lap over to his general direction. “Over here, baby wolf.” 


Erica was something else, Liam was unsure how to even act around her. Of course she was very beautiful, which really was Liam’s issue in why he was unsure of how to act. Scott told him, that Erica was going to ‘help’ him with control, he was unsure what type of joke it was. Really Liam thought surely that would be Scott’s job?

Derek’s loft was a weird place to be learning control, but Liam wasn’t the one to judge Scott, on how he thought things. Entering the loft his eyes flicked onto Erica before looking at the floor again, hearing that stupid nickname people seemed to be calling him lately, he huffed before making is way over to the female. “Can you not call me that,” he muttered eyes still glaring at the floor.


When kids get angry they deal with it in one of two ways. They either hurt themselves or they hurt someone else.

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       ”You wouldn’t believe me.”


    “You’d be shocked what I believe.”